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Our experience

We have almost 10 plus years( from October 2012 to till date) of experience in java based project development.

We have been completed successfully more than 500 plus project during our working period related to student, startup, corporate and government sector and still counting...

 Check it out our developed project  For Training Syllabus

How To Start ?

Step 1. Show Your Interest And Share Your Institute Details?

Step 2. Will Provide You One Free Website Including Course Syllabus And Whatsapp Integration

Step 3. Start Promoting For Free or Other Available Courses

Step 4. Create Batch As per mention courses with time slot and Inform Us

Step 5. will share with you a link to interact with your students

Step 6. and classes will go on till completion...


Training Structure

Java Training With Spring
Full Stack Python Training
Corporate Project Development
Basic Java Training
Basic Python Training
College Project Work

Payment Structure

Silver   Payment Structure

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Silver   Notes & suggestion
  • ♦ To promote your institute, we can avoid Any Fix Fee For The Basic Java And Python Course. After Completion Of Course, If Any Candidate Wish To Pay You, You Can Receive As A Donation Whatever Amount Candidate Want. Sharing Of Donation Will Be 50-50%
  • ♦ promote your institute as you are running free java/python course to attract the candidate conversion into other paid courses
  • ♦ All the courses running with classroom online mode with multiple institute collaboration.
  • ♦ before creating any batch, make sure your, classroom input and output speaker working properly, so that we can interact with your students properly and hassle free.
  • ♦ do not allow any student join session from except your classroom however we will admit to authorized institute not candidate
  • ♦ dedicated time slot can be provided if you have batch size above 30 candidates
  • ♦ if possible please refer any another institute to collaborate with us.
  • How To Start ? 1. Create A Batch As Per Above Mention courses and time slot 2.inform us 3. will share a link with you to interact with your students